About Us

energyconsumptionbysectoreia2010Industrial processes use about one-third of all energy in the United States, more than any other sector of the economy, but current policies and investments do not adequately address energy savings opportunities in this sector. NEMA’s Industrial Automation Control Products and Systems Section are companies seeking to leverage their expertise and track record in industrial controls and automation to promote continuous energy efficiency improvements. Our members seek to promote processes, methods, best practices, technologies and metrics to improve energy efficiency throughout industrial production.

The current membership includes over 30 companies who represent approximately 75% of the market for industrial controls and automation in the United States with over 830 plants employing in excess of 34,000 people. However, their impact is much greater, with member companies supplying products that are used by a large portion of the U.S. manufacturing base – 331,000 establishments employing 12 million people.

A favorable legislative and regulatory environment that supports industrial controls and automation for the broader market will have an immensely positive influence on energy efficiency activities and the associated co-benefits of job creation, greenhouse gas reductions, and increased global competitiveness. Members of NEMA’s Industrial Automation Control Products and Systems Section have the opportunity to shape policy in Washington, DC, especially with respect to:

  • Industrial/Manufacturing Competitiveness: Investment in U.S. industry and its supply chain to make businesses more efficient, sustainable and globally competitive;
  • Research and Development: R&D tax credits for innovative manufacturing processes and applied research on the factory floors – not just basic science and new product research in corporate labs; and
  • Manufacturing Workforce Development: Educational and training infrastructure that American manufacturing needs in order to compete successfully in the global market.

NEMA unites the efforts of leaders in technologies and solutions for industry in order to further their common goals: to provide leadership in the promotion and implementation of energy efficiency in industry while accelerating growth opportunities for its members.